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Simrad Electronics

Out on the water, the gear you run could make all the difference between uncertainty and confidence. With our strong commitments to quality and reliability, as evidenced by our broad portfolio of industry awards, Simrad will get you there like no one else.

Fishfinders & Chartplotters

GO Series

Simrad GO series displays are a perfect addition to smaller sportboats, dayboats, and center-consoles. Behind every super-bright GO series touchscreen lies a built-in GPS receiver, echosounder, wireless connectivity, and industry standard NMEA 2000® networking. Navigate, connect with mobile devices, control accessories like your on-board sound system, and choose from an array of built-in sonar support to cruise with confidence or fish like a pro.

NSS evo3

Navigate, find fish, and take total control of your on-water experience with NSS evo3. SolarMAX™ HD displays offer exceptional clarity and ultra-wide viewing angles in any light conditions, while intuitive all-weather touchscreen technology and a keypad with rotary dial offer total control in any conditions. Built-in echosounder support lets you cruise confidently with ForwardScan sonar, or reveal the ultimate fishing spots with StructureScan® HD imaging and CHIRP-enabled sonar—just add your choice of transducer.

Sonar & Transducers


CHIRP sonar is a powerful bottom-tracking and fish-finding tool. By continuously sweeping through a range of frequencies, CHIRP exceeds many common limitations of single-frequency broadband sonar. While it produces the same side-on echosounder view, CHIRP offers substantially less noise and greater target separation – for example, the ability to discern individual baitfish within a school, or to see multiple closely-spaced game fish that may appear as one target on a broadband sounder.

As with broadband sonar, CHIRP transducers are available in a range of frequencies to suit different depths and applications. Simrad SonarHub™ modules and NSS evo2 displays are also capable of delivering CHIRP functionality using conventional single-frequency transducers, allowing easy and cost-effective retrofit of CHIRP technology into vessels currently wired for broadband sonar.

  • Low CHIRP
    Accurately track the bottom in deep water (compatible with 50 kHz single-frequency transducers)
  • Medium CHIRP
    Greater resolution than Low CHIRP, with minimal loss of depth penetration (compatible with 83 kHz single-frequency transducers)
  • High CHIRP
    High resolution, for the greatest image quality in shallow water (compatible with 200 kHz single-frequency transducers)

Dual-channel CHIRP transducers, exclusively compatible with the Simrad BSM-3 Broadband Sounder module, are able to sweep two frequency ranges simultaneously. For example, this offers the ability to scan the upper water column in high resolution with High CHIRP, while at the same time employing Low CHIRP for superior bottom tracking.


See Near and Far

Radar enables you to navigate safely through crowded waters or poor visibility, keep an eye on distant storm cells, and even detect flocks of feeding birds that hint at great fishing spots

NEW HALO24 Radar

HALO24 step-changes radar by introducing an almost real-time view, with never-before-seen 60 RPM operation at close range for the best in collision avoidance. Spot danger immediately with VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology, and enjoy coverage at both short and long range —up to 48 nautical miles—from our 24-inch dome antenna.

Halo™ Radar

Halo™ Radar delivers an unprecedented mix of long and short detection range, with precise target definition and minimal clutter. Quick start-up and maximum ocean-going reliability ensure you have coverage when you need it, while low-power pulsed transmissions mean Halo Radar is even safe to run in anchorages and marinas.

And Much More!

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