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On a sunny day in 2004, it occurred to a couple of Aussie anglers that electric motors could be made better, more accessible, and tough enough to handle the harshest fishing environments. Today, that concept is a reality with the global success of Watersnake Electric Motors.

The first Watersnake motors hit the market in 2006 and word quickly spread about their remarkable value and reliable performance. Watersnake motors enabled more anglers to equip their boats, tinnies, canoes and kayaks with electric motors, allowing them to harness the advantages of ultimate control and stealth.


Camero CRX 22c Skiboat

Feature List

  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Only needs 12v of power
  • Adjustable alloy transom bracket
  • Infinitely variable forward and reverse speeds
  • USB charging port in the head unit
  • Telescopic tiller control
  • Zinc anode
  • Weedless 3 blade propeller
  • Stainless steel propeller shaft
  • Both models can be used in saltwater and freshwater

The power and efficiency of brushless motor technology has entered the Watersnake Electric Motor range and the results are nothing short of impressive.

The Watersnake Advance Brushless 12V Transom Mount Electric Motor boasts an incredible 70lbs of thrust. That’s enough power to turn canoes and small boats into zippy fishing vessels and all on a single 12-volt battery.

Watersnake Advance Brushless Electric Motors are designed for use in both saltwater and freshwater and even feature a handy USB Charging Port to charge mobile phones and other devices on the go.

The motors include infinitely variable forward and reverse speeds for fine tune control and maximum efficiency, an adjustable alloy transom bracket, and a telescopic tiller handle for optimal control and maneuverability.

Watersnake Advance Brushless Electric motors are available in a white 36” shaft model and a black 42” shaft model. Both options deliver 70lbs of thrust and include a zinc anode for protection, even in saltwater.

They also feature a weedless 3-blade propeller for power, a stainless steel shaft for durability and an easy-to-connect Anderson plug. Get maximum output from a single 12-volt battery with the new Watersnake Advance Brushless Motors. The remarkable 70lbs of thrust will turn small watercraft into speed machines and leave other anglers wallowing in your wake.

Code Model Barcode Inner Qty Outer Qty Thrust Voltage Amps Shaft Colour Steering Speeds Propeller
55267 Advance Brushless SWS70/36 9312327853056 1 1 70lb 12v 5-50 36″ White Extendable Hand Tiller Variable 3-Blade


Camero CRX 22c Skiboat

Feature List

  • Transom mount
  • Ideal for Kayaks or small canoes
  • High & low speeds
  • Forward & reverse control
  • Retractable handle
  • Alloy shaft
  • Weedless two-blade propeller
  • Stainless steel propeller shaft
  • Sacrificial anode

    PERFECT FOR KAYAKS! Watersnake Asp Motors are the smallest of all Watersnake motors. They’re designed especially for kayaks and small canoes and have an adjustable transom-mount fitting for easy attachment.

    There is a high and low speed control, a forward and reverse switch, and it features an anti-impact clip system in the mount. The two-blade propeller is a weedless design. It’s a lightweight motor offering the ultimate in portability and can be used in both saltwater and freshwater.

    Code Model Barcode Inner Qty Outer Qty Thrust Voltage Amps Shaft Colour Steering Speeds Propeller
    55043 ASP T18 Motor – Saltwater 9312327788563 1 1 18lb 12v 7-15 24″ White Transom  Stow-away Hand Tiller Hi-Low
    55199 ASP T24 Motor – Saltwater 9312327816976 1 1 24lb 12v 9-20 24″ White Transom  Stow-away Hand Tiller Hi-Low


    Camero CRX 22c Skiboat
    Feature List

    • Easy to install
    • Revolutionary design
    • Suits most kayaks and canoes
    • Patented design suited for Watersnake T18 and T24 Electric Motors
    • Bundled with Watersnake Electric Motors or sold separately

    The all-new Watersnake Kayak Bracket is a revolutionary kayak bracket changing the kayakers think about putting an electric motor on a kayak. In the past, kayak and canoe owners were often forced to make their own. The patented new design from Watersnake was created to make it easy to attach Watersnake Electric Motors to kayaks and canoes. The Watersnake Kayak Bracket is the first of its kind and is exclusively designed for the Watersnake T18 and T24 Electric Motors. The universal design is suitable for most kayaks and canoes.

    Watersnake Universal Electric Motor Mount for Kayaks and Canoes are available in a bundle with a motor and sold separately for those who already have a Watersnake Electric Trolling Motor. The bracket provides infinite angle for the best position when using Watersnake Electric Motors.

    Attaching the Watersnake Universal Electric Motor Mount for Kayaks and Canoes is as simple as following the instructions provided.

    More information on the advantages of and how to install the Watersnake Kayak Bracket is available here:

    Code Model Barcode Inner Qty Outer Qty Thrust Voltage Amps Shaft Colour Steering Speeds Propeller
    55526 ASP T18 Motor – With Bracket 9312327857030 1 1 18lb 12v 7-15 24″ White Kayak Stow-away Hand Tiller Hi-Low
    55527 ASP T24 Motor – With Bracket 9312327857047 1 1 24lb 12v 9-20 24″ White Kayak Stow-away Hand Tiller Hi-Low


    Camero CRX 22c Skiboat

    Feature List

    • 5 Forward & 3 Reverse speeds
    • Telescopic handle
    • Voltage Meter

      Our Watersnake Venom SXW electric motors provide saltwater anglers with a versatile range of tiller-steer transom-mount motors that are loaded with clever features. The Venom SXW range comprises five motor designs. The 34lb and 54lb in the 26” short shaft design are perfect for canoes, tenders, inflatable boats and small tinnies. The 34lb/30”, 44lb/36” and 54lb/42” are each suited to boats ranging from small tenders and tinnies up to dedicated estuary and inshore sportfishing boats.

      The 34lb motors have a two-blade propeller. The 44lb and 54lb motors each run a three-blade propeller. All propeller shafts are stainless steel and the props have a weedless design, so you can push the boundaries during your next adventure. All the motors run on 12V power and operate with five forward and three reverse speeds, which are controlled with the tiller handle throttle.

      The compact and stylish new Venom motor head design incorporates a new thicker ergonomic grip for the tiller handle. The new head design also includes a digital voltage meter display, so you can keep track of your battery’s condition. The grips on the alloy transom mount have also been upgraded, making it even easier to attach and secure the motor before you utilise the fast multi-tilt positioning bracket.

      The shafts on all Venom SXW motors are an extra-tough composite constructed specifically for use in saltwater marine environments. The tiller handles are telescopic for versatility, comfort and control.

      Code Model Barcode Inner Qty Outer Qty Thrust Voltage Amps Shaft Colour Steering Speeds Propeller
      55222 Venom SXW 34/26    9312327835304 1 1 34lb 12v 7.5-34 26″ White Extend Hand Tiller 5/3 2-Blade
      55223 Venom SXW 54/26    9312327835311 1 1 54lb 12v  13-54 26″ White Extend Hand Tiller 5/3 3-Blade
      55227 Venom SXW 34/30    9312327835359 1 1 34lb 12v  7.5-34 30″ White Extend Hand Tiller 5/3 2-Blade
      55228 Venom SXW 44/36    9312327835366 1 1 44lb 12v 11-44  36″ White Extend Hand Tiller 5/3 3-Blade
      55525 Venom SXW 54/36    9312327857023 1 1 54lb 12v 13-54  36″ White Extend Hand Tiller 5/3 3-Blade
      Camero CRX 22c Skiboat

      Other Features:

      Anderson Plugs

      For a fast and simple connection to the battery

      Protection Built-in

      Voltage protection, current protection and overheating temperature control. An external circuit breaker is not needed.

      Efficient Motor

      The motor draws a maximum of just 50 amps while outputting 65lb thrust.

      Ready for Saltwater 

      Includes a sacrificial anode, composite shaft and high-quality coatings.


      Product Code: 55313

      Model Name: Geo Spot GPS SW65/54
      Barcode: 9312327870442
      Voltage: 12V
      Maximum thrust: 65lb
      Amp draw: 0-50A
      Maximum watts: 420W
      Speeds: Variable
      Maximum prop RPM: 1650rpm
      Motor weight: 15kg
      Shaft length: 54 inches (137cm)
      Shaft diameter: 1.2 inches (30mm)
      Shaft wall thickness: 4.25mm
      Propeller: 3-blade weedless (94mm pitch)
      Remote Control: Digital fob
      Mounting: Bow mount XB bracket
      Wire gauge: 10AWG
      Battery required: 12v deep cycle marine battery
      Suggested minimum battery size: 95 Amp Hour*
      Suggested maximum boat weight : Up to 750kg
      Optional Accessories: Geo Spot Foot Control, Nylon Quick-Release Mounting Bracket, Alloy Quick-Release Mounting Bracket.

      * This battery size is a guide only. Check with your battery supplier for a battery appropriate for your situation.

        The Watersnake Geo-Spot GPS Bow Mount Electric Motor packs all of the essential features of a GPS electric motor into an energy-smart design. The Anchor, Pilot, Cruise and Navigation Modes, deliver maximum boat control while only requiring a single 12-volt battery for power. The result is a simplified installation process and reduced running costs.

        Equipped with 65lbs of thrust, the Geo-Spot packs plenty of power for most trailer boats. The motor is also efficient and draws a maximum of just 50 amps. Under typical usage conditions and with a suitable battery, the Geo-Spot motor provides hours of on-water operation.

        The Geo-Spot GPS motor includes a heavy-duty and splash-proof handheld remote fob which enables wireless control from anywhere on your boat. It also comes with in-built voltage protection for safety and an Anderson plug system for fast and simple connection.

        Packed with features, simple to operate, and designed for a 12-volt system, the addition of a GPS-enabled electric motor has never been so easy and affordable.


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