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Anglapro Boats

Anglapro Boats

Anglapro Sniper 484

The latest aluminium fishing rig from Anglapro Boats is a stylish rig at a genuinely attractive price.

What is it about the Anglapro Sniper 484 that attracts such attention? For one thing, as an under-5m aluminium fishing boat, it’s in the most popular section of the market, where quality and price are readily comparable and multiple internet forums speak freely about any boat that doesn’t perform.

These smaller-sized tinnies are the backbone of the Australian boating scene, with thousands of boaties having learned their skills on them as youngsters. They are eminently versatile too, for as well as plying rivers, lakes and estuaries, surprisingly small boats such as these are often seen offshore on the right day.

Bottom and sides on the Anglapro Sniper 484 are 3mm pressed aluminium, with the option to upgrade to a 4mm bottom and transom if desired, although the new X-Core construction gives the 3mm sheets plenty of strength and stiffness.

Ten sets of floor ribs running each side of an internal keel are set around 300mm apart and welded to matching side ribs to create a substantial backbone. This gives the hull an inherent strength that allows the use of flat side panels for the appearance of plate without the weight and extra cost.

The floor and casting decks are covered in 18mm marine ply, itself clad in weatherproof carpet for a soft feel underfoot and plenty of grip.

Weight for the hull is 470kg so even after you add an engine and trailer it’s still only a 900kg package – capable of being towed by smaller family vehicles.

Adding even more rigidity and structural integrity to the Anglapro Sniper 484 review boat was a 180mm side deck that had the optional fully welded construction rather than being stitched into place. Anglapro Boats maintains the standard system is bulletproof, so perhaps it’s a cosmetic touch but one that will also give owners added confidence.

The hull is Anglapro’s latest Sabre design with a moderately deep 16-degree deadrise matched to aggressive chines and four subtle strakes each side. A spray rail fitted up front, at the junction of bottom and sides, is an option and although we found the ride dry on the day of our test, it would be useful in a stiff breeze.

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Anglapro Bandit 242 Pro
Anglapro Bandit 454 Pro

Bandit Series

Poise, Balance and Performance
When poise, balance and performance all come together you get an exhilarating combination. When you add all the tools a cunning fish hunter needs you get the BANDIT!

These carefully crafted, tough as you will ever need centre consoles are built to go anywhere. Even the 424 gives you the confidence to let nothing get in your way with its 3mm bottom and side construction.

One things for sure, the Bandit takes away all the excuses for getting you there and offers no restrictions once the hunt is on. The fibreglass consoles offer no wasted space and the helm position maximises the potential of the hull with perfect weight distribution. Optional features such as fold away rear lounge, casting decks, bait tanks and kill tanks all add up to create the ultimate in Centre Console boating.

More information on the Bandit Series

Anglapro Chaser 394
Anglapro Chaser 454 Pro

Chaser Series

Go Anywhere, Chase Anything!
Created with the vision of going anywhere and chasing down everything possible, the chaser is your solution to easy boating without the limitations. The chaser line up gives you a platform as a foundation to setting up your own rig the way you want it, but when you get home its compact and easy to store.

We built the Chaser models with our renowned tough construction then laid out the cockpit with room to move and heaps and storage if you want to hide the gear you don’t need but like to have just in case. Standard 3mm side sheet and tough structural support means you can chase hard. Chaser packages give you the benefit of room to move and comfortable pedal seats, structural internal layouts or do it yourself interior design. A Chaser just wants to get you to your spot quickly and comfortably with its soft and stable riding hull so can fish.

A chaser is just so efficient by design with every square centimetre available for use, the term wasted space just does not apply. If you want a compact package to tow and store but don’t want to be cramped on the water then you just found your new boat. As always this boat can be made to suit you.

More information on the Chaser Series

Anglapro Getaway 424 Pro
Anglapro Getaway 454 Pro

Getaway Series

Whenever you need to get away
Getaway is a range of runabouts designed to be ready… ready to go, just for whenever you need to… get away! You know those days when you finish work an hour or so early and sun is still a way off the horizon, that’s when you can getaway, disappear for a couple hours and return feeling like you have been on holiday for a week. That’s the magic feeling we love, that birthed the simple design.

These crafty runabouts offer plenty of protection from the weather when you need it, big floor space, easy access to the anchor, work bench all the way round with the side decks and rear deck, comfortable and flexible seating, the Getaway is a sure thing in getting just that right set up to do so much. All the little things are there standard as well from the bow rails and a proper bow sprit, windscreen grab rails, aluminium anchor well plumbed outside not into the bilge, driver seat slide to get just the right position and if your still not quite happy the standard offer we make – give us your wish list!!!

There’s no limits, the Getaway is your new boat your way, just dream up the options then turn them into reality. Know that those moments in time that offer opportunity, your getaway is waiting ready… ready just to go wherever you feel like it. No restrictions, just timeless relaxation or an intense session hooking the fish for the BBQ.

More information on the Getaway Series

Anglapro Outlaw 404 Pro
Anglapro Outlaw 484 Pro

Outlaw Series

Stability, Speed and room to move!
The Outlaw… stability, speed, ride, storage, room to move, all sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Well at Anglapro we heard the call from the crew that hunt in those tricky spots, that carry so much stuff and still want a clean deck, that love boats but hate instability at rest, that want to get over there in a hurry without the broken back, that’s the wish list we worked on and the one we delivered in the Outlaw.

A side console that looks awesome and with a personality too. When you get to know an Outlaw it’s the little things that counts like a comfortable seat that slides to a position that suits you, a console that fits everything in without wasting the ever precious floor space, rod locker, casting decks, under deck storage, rounded checker plate foredecks, it’s all there.

Compare the construction strength with 3mm bottom and sides standard even in the 404. Have a look at the hull, start at the bow, you will find a deep V leading edge with a consistent dead rise angle like an open water hull, it flattens out just forward of mid ships to give you the stability you need at rest and that stable dead rise angle continues back through to the transom. This hull design means you get relief if the chop builds but with no sacrifice in stability at rest. When you see those side consoles bouncing their way down the river or over the bay just smile and be glad it’s not your chiropractor bill that your creating. The Outlaw is also designed not to list to starboard when you’re on a 1 man mission.

More information on the Outlaw Series

Anglapro Predator 16
Anglapro Predator 19

Predator Series

As a community of folk that like to go fishing, we are known as Anglers. Within that community there are those who take it a bit more seriously and classify themselves as hunters of fish. Then there is a group of elite, cunning, courageous and determined people that set the benchmarks for catching the fish most Anglers dream of, these people are Predators of fish. For the elite in our fishing community we have named the toughest, most fishable boat we have designed the Predator.

Built from plate alloy, the Predator gives you no excuses but to hunt and hunt hard. Your choice of console types and some internal variables, it’s hard to fault these boats offshore. It is offshore that these boats are designed to take you and where they come into their own. Give us your wish list and we will shape a Predator to take you out into the blue!

More information on the Predator Series

Anglapro Stealth 394 Pro
Anglapro Stealth 424 Pro

Stealth Series

Fish wont know what hit them!
Ever wondered why it’s so hard to find the ideal inshore fishing boat? We wondered too and in researching what you believed it looked like, we carefully designed and appropriately named it the Stealth. This sneaky, agile and tough V nose punt delivers the ultimate inshore fishing platform with no wasted space, heaps of storage and a hull design that allows you to set your sights beyond the flat waters a standard punt restricts you to.

The Stealth offers the back up plan of an aggressive V through the bow for those unexpected choppy water encounters. It quickly flattens the deadrise angle to allow for that stability when everyone wants to see the once in a lifetime fish netted beside the boat. 3mm bottom and side construction delivers incredible strength and stiffness into the hull making sure the water parts for you as you skip across it instead of the boat flexing and groaning from the impact. We cant understand why a person should feel exposed in a boat with a shallow freeboard just because they want a V nose hull so we gave it an offshore deep V hull freeboard of 560mm across the range!

You can keep it simple with the standard models and enjoy everything you need with the PRO models. We know you will need a tweak here and there and we ask for your wish list so we can fine tune your Stealth to meet all your needs. The perfect estuary boat has been cruising under the radar and we have found it, dressed it up and it’s ready for you to enjoy it!

More information on the Stealth Series

Anglapro Sniper Series Boat
Anglapro Sniper Series Boat

Sniper Series

The highly refined skills of a Sniper means they can not only hit their target with precise accuracy but apply their skills in any environment. That’s how we designed our deep V side console. It’s the ultimate cross over. Stable and capable in enclosed waters and tough and comfortable in the rough stuff.

The Sniper is fully equipped to target fish, anywhere. 3mm bottom and sides with aggressive ribbing support means you can have total confidence in your hull strength. A Deep V dead rise means you don’t have to slow down in the chop. The interior features the decking, storage, tanks and electronics you need to enjoy fuss free fishing. The Sniper package will give you the confidence to step your fishing up to the next level.

The Sniper is a masterpiece to behold with the design features all working together to produce a fishing platform that lacks nothing. There is a hidden ingredient as well called the X factor. Hidden deep within the pedigree of this vessel, the Sniper slaps a smile on your dial which only comes from driving a boat that thrills you. It’s an Aluminium fishing boat that performs like a sports boat.

More information on the Sniper Series

Anglapro Core Series Boat
Anglapro Core Series Boat

Core Series

The Anglapro CORE range of small boat’s offer a mix of deep V and V nose punt hulls. The boats are built with the Anglapro pedigree strong construction with 2mm bottom and side sheets and fully welded construction. They have been designed not to break, to provide depth and deliver on performance.

The term CORE has 2 meanings. 1) The hardcore construction. 2) The core essentials you want in a basic tinnie. The CORE range delivers in so many ways, you will be hard pressed to find a better built boat!

More information on the Core Series

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