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Murray River (Yarrawonga to Echuca): The river at the moment is fishing exceptionally well. Trolling medium sized lures like the Oargee 65mm, which plows through 3-4m of water is the most effective method at the moment. Try to aim for orange and other bright colours, Fish will be taking lures throughout the whole day. For larger fish try casting long jointed surface lures at a heavy structure during low light times, the Mudeye snake is perfect for this (using the right rod is key for this)

Eildon: Lake Eildon is fishing well for all species other than Golden Perch this time of the year. Trolling for trout about 20m out from banks and tree lines is sure too see you land a couple. Redfin are on the chew and are in large schools, Try trolling small divers like Size 3 stump jumpers to find a few, then anchor up and cast lipless crankbaits back into the area.

Broken river: The Broken river has become very quiet with minimal reports coming in. Although as always you have to persist to succeed in these colder months with greenback. Try slow sinking spinnerbaits, keeping the lure in the strike zone for as long as possible to annoy dormant fish into a hit.

Goulburn river: The Goulburn is fishing steadily, Cod catches have dropped a little, but the average size of fish has shot up. Using a larger diver for either trolling or casting is a good idea, Some of these bigger fish need to feel that the feed is worth the effort.

Mulwala: A great deal of success lately has come from trolling surface lures at night using an electric motor, The bigger fish here are fired up at night and low light. Casting spinnersbaits hard to a structure is also very reliable during daylight hours with a steady retrieve about a meter from the lakes bottom.

Waranga basin: The basin is producing Redfin in patches. Try trolling around and marking every fish caught on your sounder, then try trolling back over or beside those spots to find the school.


Mudeye Rattle SnakeMud Eye Rattle Snake

Mudeye Lures are all handmade here in Victoria, specifically targeted to our Australian fish, especially natives like Murray Cod. Mudeye Rattlesnake is a serious jointed topwater lure, not for mucking around


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Bam SPinnerbaitsBAM Spinnerbaits

3/4oz Spinnerbait perfect for the Broken River and Lake Mulwala during the day.


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