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Boats & More September Fishing Report

Welcome to the Boats & More Fishing Report! This month we’ve got everything you need to know about what’s biting in the local channels, creeks and around the big fishing sites including Lake Mulwala and Lake Eildon.

Local Rivers and Creeks

Upstream of Euroa, Seven Creeks has produced the odd good eating size Redfin – if you can get around the smaller models.

Worms are a good option for bait as there are times when the water is not very clear, however if you do fancy using a lure try the brightly coloured soft plastic ones.

Be wary of sections near Polly McQuinn Weir, there are sections within the area that are completely closed off to fishing at the moment. To find out where the restricted areas are, check the local fishing regulations.

Downstream of Murchison the action in the Goulburn has picked up, likely thanks to a couple of warm days. You’ll find the Yellas are becoming active again in this area.

A good choice for bait are worms or small yabbies, however make sure to avoid baits such as large yabbies or cheese, as these baits won’t attract Murray Cods.

Shrimp will become active soon, if not already – so try putting in a shrimp net around this time. It will be worth considering using smaller lures to attract shrimp (?).

Watch out for slippery banks, as they can be hard to negotiate with fluctuating water levels in the area. However a steady, slow rise is expected this week due to irrigation releases.

Lake Mulwala

Not much news out of the Mulwala at this stage, with Yella season yet to kick off. Cod season has now finished so sightings are few and far between.

Local Channels

Prior to the cod season finishing, fishing sessions in the channels managed to produce one Carp using worm bait and another angler fishing upstream chasing Yellas and Redfin with soft plastics failed to attract any attention despite trying several colours.

As the weather warms up the conditions and results should improve.

Lake Eildon:

A few Murry Cod are starting to fire up, with one being caught on a surface lure near Jerusalem Creek, measuring 110cm.

Brown Trout have slowed down a bit, however there were a few small but healthy flat lining Tassie Devils in the bloody ripper, pink and frog patterns picked up.

You’ll find the Goulburn River is still producing Rainbow Trout weighing up to 7.5kg, the best baits to use for these beauties are salmon eggs, pink and rainbow, scrubbies and maggots.

In the lures soft plastics in black and gold, small hard bodies in the trout pattern, Celta type lures in bright colours like fluro yellow and orange, even the pink Tassie in the 7gm has worked down the river, fly fisherman have also enjoyed catching the larger rainbows as well.

The smaller rivers and streams including the Rubicon, Acheron, Stevenson and Little River are doing well with similar lures, however the best bait to stick with are worms or maggots.

The Eildon pondage is still being heavily fished and anglers are still catching rainbows averaging 5kg on power baits, a couple on scrubbies, soft plastics in the pink and brown trout pattern and the gold and crab pattern krocs.

Anglers do need to mix it up, as sticking to the same bait or lure for too long with no success will prove frustrating.

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