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  • Ganterel Gizzard Shad
  • The Attractor
  • Uroko HL Largemouth
  • Uroko HL Dying Black
  • Uroko HL Chigil
  • Sexy Black
  • Rose Arowana
  • Ghost Baby Bass
  • Gantarel Carp
  • Copeton Magic
  • Brown Dog



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With a 6-inch double-jointed body mimicking a nice size lunch for big bass, Jackall Lures brings the Gantarel slow-floating hard swimbait to North American anglers. The Gantarel’s jointed body creates a ‘S’ swimming pattern while being retrieved, and makes 180-degree turns when twitched which further entices big bass when they are following the bait. To add even more realism to the Gantarel swimbaits, they are equipped with feathered treble hooks.
Lure colour and size options are subject to availability.

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