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Purple Stump Jumpers, surface lures, Spinnerbaits and Swimbaits and yabbies and scrub worms are catching cod from 35cm to over a metre.

Trout are still being caught in the lake, and the cold water that ran off from the hills has helped in preventing them from going deep to avoid the rising water temperature. Tassie Devils in clown and Spotted Dog Rapalas are definitely worth a try.

Another 800 small rainbows were released on Tuesday into the pondage, so Powerbait in any colour should yield success in catching these. The larger fish are still there too, so be prepared to exercise some patience battling through the small ones and you should be rewarded. Trying lures like Tassie Devils, Wonder Krocs and Rattle Snakes should deter smaller fish.

The yellow belly has slowed. This is likely due to the drop in water temperature, but the bait seems to still be producing consistent catches. To target these on lures, the big river arm and the Delatite are producing good results!

The Goulburn is fishing well for brown trout and rainbows, using scrub worms, mudeye, maggots, and Powerbait. Fly fishermen using red tag, brown nymphs and white dunn are also catching some nice brown and rainbows. The Rubicon is running very fast and is hard to fish, but Snobs Creek produced some good browns up stream – past the hatchery – on small hard bodied style lures.

Local Waterways

Cod season opens on the 1st of December so if fishing prior to that, it is imperative that any cod caught are released quickly. Things to keep in mind are not to use methods that are likely to increase the probability of catching cod. Techniques such as using surface lures, or cheese as bait should be avoided as well as using large lures. The fourth annual ‘Codference’ will be held in Shepparton on the 8th December. Check out the details below!

When: Sunday, 8 December
Eastbank Conference Centre
Time: 9am-4pm

Visit for full details!

Local channels

The irrigation season is in full swing. The fish will be as well! Now is a good time to chase yellows and/or redfin. Soft plastics, hard body, spinners… basically anything will work. Jackalls TN 50s are an outstanding choice of lure if you want a good shot at getting a yellow belly. Target any structure such as weed beds, bridges, regulators and even a bend in the channel as this will produce an eddy which you may not be able to see, but it is worth trying there. The usual baits will work as well. Shrimps and/or worms are ideal and small yabbies. It can vary on the day as sometimes yabbies have gone untouched during a session so a few options are best. Circle hooks work well, even on fish that are not going to be released such as carp. Turnaround time unhooking fish is reduced when ‘circles’ are used as the fish are usually hooked in the lip.

Local creeks

Creeks to the north of Shepparton such as the Broken/Boosey creek system are carrying irrigation water and have good flow. They should be good for at least a carp and also a chance at a native. They are also a good choice if you just want to go yabbying. Worms are best and the local carp just love a small local yabby! Corn will also suffice for the carp. Other creek systems in the area, such as the Seven Creeks are starting to slow down in flow and may not be a good option. If planning a trip to the Euroa area, better sooner rather than later before things really dry up. Redfin would be the most likely target in this creek.

Goulburn River

The river is currently flowing at 940 megs a day and is looking rather good! The river flow fluctuation may now be better regulated thanks to the government and other organisations taking action. The following is from the Goulburn Murray website: “This is a great outcome and will prevent damage to the river, such as bank erosion, as well as providing more consistent fishing opportunities!”

Murray River

Good size yellow belly have been on the bite from the Tocumwal bridge all the way through to Torrumbarry on bait and small hard body lures. Early mornings have been producing the best bite times.

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